Pontlands Park Hotel Terms & Conditions

Reflections Spa, Pontlands Park Hotel, West Hanningfield Road, Great Baddow CM2 8HR

Safety and Hygiene Rules Pontlands Park Hotel (please keep)

What to bring

One Large bag for all belongings

Towel for baby & adult

Easy to remove shoes i.e. flip flops, crocs

Baby Changing Mat 

Splash About Wetsuit & Integrated Nappy or Splash About Nappy

Disposable nappy 

Nappies to go home in, wipes, nappy sacks, change of clothes

Please arrive “Beach Ready” – swimwear on under your clothes, easy to remove shoes, flip flops or crocs, 5/10 minutes to get baby into their suit. 

Covid -19 Secure Procedures 

Do not come to the facility if you or the swimmer are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 (temperature, cough, difficulty breathing, or anosmia e.g. loss of taste or smell).

  • Arrive 10 minutes before your lesson start time 
  • Enter through the café door and into the waiting area
  • Use the hand sanitiser by the entrance
  • Make your way to the next available chair / station
  • Bring your own baby mat to change baby at the station in the cafe
  • Remove shoes and clothes place in your bag, wrap a towel round if you fell more comfortable
  • DO NOT ENTER THE POOL UNTIL THE COVID SUPERVISOR OPENS THE DOOR, this will be about 2 minutes before the lesson commences.
  • Turn right and make your way around the outside of the pool, stopping at the next available rubber ring, avoid touching loungers & rings
  • When instructed bring ALL your belongings down the pool and leave poolside on the last 2 loungers
  • Enter the pool when instructed
  • You will be allocated a position in the pool keeping at a safe distance from other swimmers
  • Teachers will remain poolside to maintain social distancing 
  • At the end of the lesson you will exit one at a time collecting your bag.
  • You can either leave in your towel / robe or use an allocated changing station in the changing rooms
  • Each class must leave the building within 10 MINUTES of the lesson finishing.
  • Quick rinse off in the showers are permitted, lengthy hair washing etc. must be done at home.
  • Once redressed, leave the changing rooms exiting right around the pool
  • Place shoes on at the chairs and exit via the fire door as quickly as possibly 
  • Teas/Coffees available as takeaways only

General Information

  • We recommend a facial covering for all adults in communal changing areas.
  • Changing rooms and touch points will be cleaned between lessons (every 15 minutes)
  • If you need the toilet during the lesson please use the one in your allocated changing room
  • There is disinfectant spray and paper towels in each toilet, please use them to wipe down areas after you have used them. Please deposit all paper in the bins provided.
  • There are hand sanitiser stations around the building, in the café, each changing room and poolside, In addition to hand wash at all sinks.
  • If you or anyone at home is suffering from a temperature, new cough, or change in taste and smell we are asking you to follow the government guidelines, order a test and self isolate for 14 days.
  • Everyone is to sanitise their hands when entering the building.

Pool Rules 

  • No spectators or siblings permitted poolside, or in cafe area
  • Only 1 adult per child to attend the lesson
  • Adult to accompany their child in the water (all ages)
  • Everyone is to sanitise their hands when entering the building 
  • Inform Liz if it’s a Male or Female adult is attending so changing rooms can be allocated at the beginning of the term
  • No shoes on poolside or in Changing rooms
  • Babies & toddlers must wear a “Double Nappy System” i.e. a disposable swim nappy along with a Splash About Happy Nappy until fully toilet trained (splash about nappies available from the pool at £10, wetsuits available for £20, integrated nappy & wetsuit combined £20.MUST BE PRE ORDERED VI LIZ or via www.splashabout.com
  • Used Nappies must be taken home
  • Always walk on poolside to avoid slipping
  • Be careful on the steps on way into the pool
  • No make-up, lotions or creams in the pool 
  • No food in changing rooms or on poolside
  • Please remember a hat for baby going home in colder months

  • No Photos or Videos to be taken during the lesson
  • Car seats must be left in the car
  • Do not change babies on the benches as they can roll off
  • Baby Nurture Swimming hats to be worn for Children with long hair available from the teachers
  • Children must not swim with earache, sickness (48 hours clear), tummy upset (48 hours clear), infections or a temperature, hand, foot & mouth, chicken pox. 
  • Children should be supervised at all times in the cafe as hot food and drinks are being served
  • Keep entrance /steps to the cafe clear to allow members into the building safely
  • Parents are responsible for their own Child at all times

While we understand toddlers and children cannot always maintain social distancing it is important to lead by example. 

Lessons are none refundable or transferable, unless cancelled by Baby Nurture. In the event of cancellation, lesson credits will be carried forwards and deducted off the following course fees.

By paying the course fees you are agreeing to Baby Nurture’s terms and conditions, the facilities pool rules, and the adherent of all covid -19 secure procedures at the facility. Neither Baby Nurture nor  Pontlands Park can be held responsible for any items that are left unattended in the facility.  Lost Property will be kept for 24 hours before being disposed of.

If a swimmer or adult falls ill with coronavirus symptoms after attending a lesson, please report this to your local Public Health England health protection team and us.

*Please note we may be required to change procedures due to advice from our governing bodies Swim England, STA and the UK Government. You will be notified of any changes by email.

When you visit, if you notice mistakes that we have made please notify the Covid Supervisor before you leave or alternatively contact Liz direct 07835029182 or liz@babynurture.co.uk 

Liz Raffell

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